Leasing FAQs


Do I need to perform maintenance on a leased vehicle?

Yes. As part of your lease agreement, you are responsible for servicing your vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer's minimum recommendations and as requested by the manufacturer in connection with any recall campaign.

What are the insurance requirements for a leased vehicle?

You must maintain physical damage, comprehensive, and collision insurance coverage in accordance with your state-specific minimum requirements for the duration of your contract. Honda Lease Trust should be listed as an additional insured and loss payee. Please read your lease agreement carefully and contact your insurance agent for details on your state’s requirements or information on coverage to suit your specific needs.

Where do I send my insurance information?

When leasing a new vehicle or changing insurance companies, please have your insurance agent provide appropriate evidence of insurance to Honda Lease Trust, naming it as Loss Payee and Additional Insured. This evidence should be mailed to:

Honda Lease Trust
c/o PDP Services
P.O. Box 650201
Hunt Valley, MD 21065

I typically drive more than 15,000 miles per year. Does that mean I shouldn't

Not at all. Once your lease begins, you cannot change your mileage allowance. However, we have special lease programs that allow you to buy "up-front" mileage less expensively than you would pay at the conclusion of the lease. Plus, the cost of excess mileage is conveniently included in your monthly payment. If you do not use all the miles you purchase, no refund is made. Ask your Acura dealer for details.

I want to buy a vehicle service contract. Can I include the cost in my lease

Yes. Your Acura dealer can give you the details. In the meantime, be sure to check out our Acura Care® programs.

What happens if my vehicle is stolen or "totaled" in an accident?

In these cases, your lease may be terminated early. Please contact Client Services as soon as possible to notify us and discuss the next steps. But rest assured — all Acura leases include (Guaranteed Asset Protection) to protect you against unnecessary expenses.

If I lease, am I responsible for sales tax and property tax?

In some states, you pay sales tax that is based upon your monthly payments. Other states require you to pay tax on the full value of the vehicle. Property tax treatment varies from state to state as well. Ask your dealer for information about the tax regulations in your state.

Are leasing and balloon financing available for non-Acura vehicles?

Not through Acura Financial Services®.

What are Acura Loyalty Advantage benefits?

Acura Loyalty Advantage benefits reward loyal Acura Financial Services (AFS) lease clients by offering:

  • Momentum Miles: If you have driven fewer than your contracted lease miles, your unused lease miles (up to 15,000) will be rounded up to the nearest 1,000 and added to your next Acura Luxury Lease.

  • Mileage Forgiveness: If you have driven more than your contracted lease miles (up to 7,500), we will waive half of your excess mileage when you lease or finance through AFS. Plus, if you choose to lease another new Acura with us, we'll add an additional 1,000 miles to your base mileage amount.

Plus, as a loyal AFS client1, you can also take advantage of:

  • An additional $750 Excessive Wear-and-Use or Damage Waiver2 (up to $1,500 total waived) on your current lease
  • A waiver on the turn-in fee3 for your current lease

1A loyal client is one who purchases or leases another new Acura or Honda automobile within 30 days prior to or after the turn-in date.

2An Acura Luxury Lease includes a $750 Excessive Wear-and-Use or Damage Waiver. Loyal clients may qualify for an additional waiver and may be eligible for a turn-in fee waiver. Total Excessive Wear-and-Use or Damage Waiver amount not to exceed $1,500.

3The turn-in fee amount depends on your state. See your lease contract for details.

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