End of Lease FAQs

Lease Payoffs

How can I get a payoff quote for my auto lease?

Payoff quotes are available online by to your account or by calling our Express Payoff System at 1-866-777-6495.

Note: The Express Payoff System cannot provide quotes on lease accounts in which the vehicle is garaged in AL, AK, AZ or IL, or if certain conditions require that you speak with an Acura Client Services Representative. You may contact a representative Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM CST.
When will I receive my security deposit?

The security deposit is generally released upon receipt of payoff if there is no outstanding auto lease balance or pending property taxes due on your account.

Why doesn't the estimated payoff on my auto lease statement decrease by the amount I pay each month?

The financing payment consists of depreciation and service charges, which is the cost of having a lease.

If I decide to purchase my leased vehicle for the payoff amount, when will I receive my title?

If there is no outstanding balance on your account, the title will be mailed upon verification of final payment clearance. It is important to verify Acura Financial Services has your current address on file to ensure you receive your title.

Can someone else purchase my leased vehicle?

We are unable to conduct third-party sales. Your leased vehicle may only be purchased by the original lessee(s) or by a dealer.

Inspection, Wear and Use

When should I have my vehicle inspected?

The inspection should be completed in the last two scheduled months of your lease. That way, you'll have time to take care of any repairs yourself. Or, if you choose to have us make the repairs, you'll understand exactly what you're being billed for.

Can I schedule my lease inspection online?

Yes, you can schedule your lease inspection online by visiting SGS. Please have your Acura Financial Services account number and VIN number available.

Why can't I just have my dealer perform the inspection on my vehicle?

Only authorized agents can provide an End-of-Lease inspection. The Lease Maturity Center will be happy to provide you with contact information for your local vehicle inspection provider. Or you can schedule your lease inspection online by visiting SGS.

How long does the inspection take?

In general, about an hour...less if your vehicle is free of excessive damage.

Do I have to be present during the inspection?

While it's tempting to hand over your keys and let the inspection proceed without you, we encourage you to be there. Your presence at the inspection will allow you to have a greater understanding of the results, and of any charges your vehicle may be assessed. Since you'll be asked to sign the report, you'll want to be present as the inspector looks at the vehicle. Additionally, you'll receive a copy of the report for your records. If you simply can't be present for the inspection, enlist the help of someone who knows your vehicle well to be there for you.

Do I have to take care of the repairs before I turn in my vehicle?

It's up to you. Your Acura dealer, or another repair facility, can handle the repairs. Please keep in mind that use of Genuine Acura Parts is a requirement of your lease agreement. You may also return the vehicle without making repairs. However, you will receive a bill for the cost of excess wear and use.

What if something happens to my vehicle between the time it's inspected and I turn the vehicle in?

Your vehicle is subject to a final inspection after you turn it in, so if a problem arises after your preliminary inspection, you may still be liable for it. Sometimes damage or malfunctions can't be detected during the inspection, or an unexpected condition arises after your vehicle is inspected. If you receive a bill for charges with which you're not familiar, contact a Lease-End/End-of-Term Consultant at 1-800-708-6555.".

Can I pay my final (end-of-term) bill with a credit card?

Yes, unlike a regular monthly payment, you may pay your end-of-term bill with a credit card. Contact the Lease Maturity Center for more information.

License Plates

Do I have to do anything with my plates when turning in my leased vehicle to the Honda/Acura dealership?

Yes, if you live in the states of VA, NC, CT, RI, KY and MA. For these states, the customer needs to provide proof of cancellation or transfer from the state. This is required to stop the assessment of property taxes on the leased vehicle.

What do I do if I want to keep my plates?

You will need to contact the Lease Maturity Center at 1-866-777-6495 for a letter advising that you may keep the license plates.

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