The Perks Go On For Miles

When you lease an Acura vehicle, you’ll turn heads everywhere you go. But your exclusive perks go far beyond showstopping style.

Your Acura Luxury Lease comes with the exclusive benefits of the Acura Loyalty Advantage1. Enjoy the flexibility to drive over or under your contracted miles.

Mileage Forgiveness

If you drive more than your contracted lease miles, we’ll waive one-half of your excess mileage (up to 7,500)2 when you lease or finance through Acura Financial Services (AFS).

Plus if you choose to lease another new Acura with us, we’ll add an additional 1,000 miles to your base mileage amount.


Momentum Miles

If you have driven fewer than your contracted lease miles, your unused lease miles (up to 15,000 miles)3 will be rounded up to the nearest 1,000 and added to your next Acura Luxury Lease.


More Benefits

As a loyal AFS client4, you can also take advantage of:

  • An additional $750 Excessive Wear-and-Use or Damage Waiver5 (up to $1,500 total waived) on your current lease.
  • A waiver on the turn-in fee6 for your current lease.


Benefits At a Glance:

  • Flexibility to drive over or under your contracted miles.
  • One-half of all excess miles waived (up to 7,500) if you are over your contracted miles2.
  • Receive 1,000 additional miles applied to your next lease from AFS if you were over your contracted miles on your previous lease.
  • Roll over unused miles to your next leased Acura if you are under your contracted miles3.

1 Acura Loyalty Advantage (ALA) eligibility is subject to verification and credit approval by Acura Financial Services (AFS). To obtain ALA benefits, clients must lease a new vehicle from AFS and undergo standard AFS verification and credit approval requirements. ALA benefits are only available within 180 days of the scheduled maturity date and 180 days after lease termination. AFS may terminate ALA benefits at any time, without notice.

2 If you are over your contracted lease miles, one-half of all your excess miles, up to 7,500 miles, are eligible for waiver if you finance a lease or retail purchase of a new Acura from a participating Acura dealer through Acura Financial Services.

3 If you are under your contracted mileage, up to 15,000 unused lease miles (round up to the nearest 1,000) can be rolled over to your next Acura Luxury Lease.

4 A loyal client is one who purchases or leases another new Acura or Honda automobile within 30 days prior to or after the turn-in date.

5 An Acura Luxury Lease includes a $750 Excessive Wear-and-Use or Damage Waiver. Loyal clients may qualify for an additional waiver and may be eligible for a turn-in fee waiver. Total Excessive Wear-and-Use or Damage Waiver amount not to exceed $1,500.

6 The turn-in fee amount depends on your state. See your lease contract for details.

©2021 American Honda Finance Corporation. Acura Financial Services is a DBA of American Honda Finance Corporation. Acura Financial Services, Acura Luxury Lease, Acura Loyalty Advantage, Momentum Miles, Mileage Forgiveness, Acura, and the stylized “A” logo are trademarks of Honda Motor Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.

All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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